PD Calendar

A main objective of the Manitoba Association of School Psychologists (MASP) is to encourage and provide for professional growth and continuing education among members of the Association. Professional development, called PD or Pro-D in other settings, is a critical component to maintaining and enhancing our competencies as school employees. Below you will find a listing of school related professional development opportunities in Manitoba. You can search for growth ideas by category, location, or date.

You can submit a calendar listing by clicking here. The professional development events must be occurring in Manitoba.

Attachment Level 1– Theory @ Aulneau Renewal Centre
Oct 16 @ 5:42 pm – Oct 17 @ 6:42 pm

TOPICS INCLUDE: • An introduction to the Theory of Attachment and the Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment • An understanding of why Attachment relationships are important • How Attachment relationships lay the ground

For more information contact Aulneau Renewal Centre

State of the Art School Neuropsychology @ University of Manitoba
Oct 19 @ 9:00 am – Oct 20 @ 3:30 pm

MASP will be holding a two-day Professional Development session focused on State of the Art School Neuropsychology in conjunction with SAGE on October 19 & 20. Daniel Miller, Director of the School Neuropsychology Post-Graduate Program, offered through KIDS Inc. will be the facilitator. The session will focus on the use the CHC model in conducting neuropsychological assessments. Participants will be taught how to administer and interpret specific assessment tools used with such an approach. Further information with a link to registration will be available shortly!

Attachment and Developmental Trauma @ Aulneau Renewal Centre
Oct 25 @ 5:34 pm – 6:34 pm


• Developing an understanding of strategies for working through developmental trauma • An understanding of why Attachment relationships are important • Effective interventions (Left Brain, Right Brain, & Body) for treating Developmental Trauma

For more information see Aulneau Renewal Centre

Making a Determination of Intellectual Disability: The Right, The Wrong, and The Ugly @ Winnipeg Manitoba
Nov 10 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Presented by the Manitoba Psychological Society.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, the attendee should be able to:
- recall with specific details the diagnostic criteria for intellectual disability;
- identify the recent changes in the DSM as they relate to the diagnosis of intellectual disability;
- recall the properties of standardized assessment instruments that are considered “gold standard” for
the assessment of intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior;
- identify the importance of having multiple sources of information, and identify the potential sources for
critical collateral information needed, in the evaluation of adaptive behavior;
- assess for potential bias in effort of the assessed person as well as informant bias during their evaluation.

For more information click here.

Rebuilding Connections: Reconciliation, Relationships, and Relatedness @ Victoria Inn & Conference Centre
Nov 20 @ 5:26 pm – Nov 21 @ 6:26 pm

Dr. Martin Brokenleg and Dr. Raven Sinclair
Find more information and register at http://www.marymound.com/