2023 MASP Award of Excellence- Robert George

At the May AGM, the MASP 2023 Award of Excellence was presented to Robert George for outstanding contribution in the practice of Psychology in the school setting.

Innovation, persistence, inspiration, and leadership only begin to reflect Robert George’s career, which has focused on reducing barriers and improving outcomes for students, school communities, and clinicians in ways which extend beyond divisional boundaries.

Beginning in 2018, Rob’s collaborative Assistive Technology (AT) project, evaluating the impact of Microsoft Learning Tools on well-being and learning, led to the implementation of a divisional framework outlining the use of AT for student support. This led to several local, national, and international articles and speaking engagements, and inspired a national campaign by Microsoft Canada for universal and accessible supports for students with learning challenges.

More recently, his passion for early prevention, assessment, and intervention of literacy skills evolved into a collaborative multidisciplinary project utilizing early screening measures and school-based background questionnaires, to identify at-risk students and guide explicit instructional supports in all tiers. This work, which has markedly improved student literacy outcomes, has shifted division-wide practices, fostered collaborations with multiple researchers, an ongoing partnership with the Multilingualism and Literacy Lab at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), as well as publications, conference presentations, and ongoing advocacy with the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and Dyslexia Canada.

As a sessional Assistant Professor (Université de Saint-Boniface), practicum field supervisor (University of Manitoba School Psychology program), and Career Mentor for undergraduate students, Rob demonstrates his commitment to mentorship. He also serves on local Boards, previously Centre de Santé and currently for the Aulneau Renewal Centre as well as a clinical representative for the Louis Riel Teacher's Association. Due to an identified need in the community, Robert has provided French language psychoeducational assessments and more recently, therapy under private practice supervision. Rob’s dedication to inclusion, equity, advocacy and collaboration is exemplary.

For more details on Rob, check out the award announcement, or check out Rob's website. See the award page for details and for past recipients.

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