Build a Brain PD Handouts

Here are the resources for the Build a Brain: Tier 2 Classroom Intervention for Self-Regulation presentation- facilitated by Keith Moen for MASP members on April 26th, 2018.

Brain Model- inside and outside

The presentation is designed for grade 5-6 students, with grade 7-9 adaptations (older stories, more complicated descriptions). In part one the participants will be guided to build a model of one hemisphere (half) of a brain, identifying six parts: the cerebrum, pre-frontal cortex, brain stem, cerebellum, hippocampus, and amygdala. While making the brain parts, their function will be explored through questions and discussion. In part two the participants will learn through stories and demonstrations how the brain parts interact to help protect us with the fight/flight/freeze reaction (self-regulation; social-emotional learning; problem-solving). Further, it is identified how there are times we need to change our reactions into a decision (cognitive behavioural therapy approaches). One method to turn a reaction into a decision is by focusing on our breath (mindfulness). A four-count breathing circle is taught and practiced with the class.

The resources are provided in multiple formats. If you wish to just print a resource, choose the PDF option. If you wish to modify the resource choose the PUB (Publisher) or DOCX (Word) options.

You are encouraged to make this presentation your own. The notes are just suggestions. You are free to remix, transform, and build upon the material, and copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format. The expectation is that you will give appropriate credit, share with the same conditions, and not use the material for commercial purposes. All the materials are released under a Creative Commons license. Enjoy!

Build a Brain version 1.0

ResourcesDownload Link and Description
Complete slides and notes from MASP PD and Build a Brain class. Delete MASP slides to use in classroom.
A print out of slides and talking notes- two slides per page. Print double sided with two staples on long side.
PDF | Word
Manual with instructions for presentation, printing prep, model prep, etc.
PDF | Publisher
Sheet of 12 little Breathing Circle handout cards. Print in colour on cardstock. Page one is in English, page two is in fran├žais. You can print one page or double sided for both languages.
English: JPG | Publisher
Fran├žais: JPG | Publisher
The Breathing Circle image with line to help cut out.
PDF | Publisher
Breathing Circle poster. Currently only available in English. Print in colour on 11x17". You could also laminate it.

Complete: PDF | Publisher
Half: PDF | Publisher
Blank: PDF | Publisher

My Brain Map cards in three versions for differentiation. 'Complete' requires only colouring in the box. 'Half' requires writing the brain part function. 'Blank' requires writing the brain part name and function. Print on 4X6" lined index cards.

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