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A main objective of the Manitoba Association of School Psychologists (MASP) is to encourage and provide for professional growth and continuing education among members of the Association. Professional development, called PD or Pro-D in other settings, is a critical component to maintaining and enhancing our competencies as School Psychologists. Below you will find a listing of school related professional development opportunities in Manitoba. You can search for growth ideas by category, location, or date.

You can submit a calendar listing by clicking here. The professional development events must be occurring in Manitoba.

Addictions and Youth – Substances, Technology, Porn @ Best Western Plus Airport
Jan 17 all day

Youth who are struggling with an addiction often resist attempts at intervention. While some youth are merely experimenting, others may have larger unmet needs that can lead to a negative pattern of use. This workshop provides a framework for responding to a variety of addictions, including those related to substances, gaming, internet, and pornography. Participants will examine the needs underlying the choice to participate in a potentially addictive activity, and will consider issues that are unique to working with youth. Both short-term and longer-term intervention strategies are provided.

Some of the Topics Reviewed

  • The Continuum of Addiction
  • Why Youth Use
  • Adolescent Development 101
  • When Use Becomes Abuse
  • Identifying Youth at Risk
  • Assessing Underlying Needs
  • The Role of Attachment
  • Impact of Addictions on Families
  • Strategies and Best Practice Approaches
  • Harm Reduction Strategies
  • Tips for Handling Cravings and Triggers
  • Working to Create Longer-Term Outcomes

Target Audience

This is an introductory-intermediate level workshop intended for school personnel, social service and health care professionals, counsellors, social workers, and anyone working with youth who have addiction issues.

Method of Delivery

Presentation, video, case study exercises, personal reflection, and small group discussions.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the role of addictions in youth
  • Learn how to assess and differentiate between experimentation and addiction
  • Identify the underlying needs of youth struggling with addiction
  • List new strategies for supporting youth and families
The 3 Rs: Relationship, Relationship, Relationship @ Alloway Therapy Services, 468 Academy Rd.,
Mar 15 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Workshop Objective:
The workshop will explore the links between children’s early attachment experiences, emotional development and social/academic success in
school. The Circle of Security model will be used as a ‘map’ to understand
behaviour and respond to each child’s emotional needs.

This workshop will address:
• Attachment Theory and Complex Trauma as a framework to understand
the social and emotional development of young children.
• Cues and miscues: Behaviour as communication.
• The Circle of Security as a framework to guide key adults to support and
co-regulate children who have disrupted attachment/trauma histories.

Who Should Attend?
• Key adults directly involved in planning for and supporting students:
this includes resource teachers, guidance counselors, teachers and
educational assistants who work one-on-one with children who receive
special-needs funding due to emotional/behavioral concerns.
• Multi-disciplinary support staff, including social workers, psychologists
and occupational therapists.