Build-a-Brain: how to facilitate a Tier 2 classroom lesson for self-regulation

In part one the participants will be guided to build a model of one hemisphere (half) of a brain, identifying six parts: the cerebrum, pre-frontal cortex, brain stem, cerebellum, hippocampus, and amygdala. While making the brain parts, their function will be explored through questions and discussion.

In part two the participants will learn through stories and demonstrations how the brain parts interact to help protect us with the fight/flight/freeze reaction. Further, it is identified how there are times we need to change our reactions into a decision. One method to turn a reaction into a decision is by focusing on our breath. A four-count breathing circle is taught and practiced with the class.

The participants will make their own brain model; learn how to facilitate this class in their schools; receive a brain map, posters and pocket-sized images of the breathing circle; and free access to the PowerPoints and other resources used for this lesson.

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