MASP Advocacy Working Group

A core mandate of MASP is to raise the profile of the profession of school psychology in Manitoba and advocate for improved academic, behavioural, social-emotional, and mental health outcomes of Manitoban children and youth through access to comprehensive school psychology services.

In recent months, the MASP Executive Board has considered the various ways in which MASP can continue its important leadership role serving as the voice of school psychologists in Manitoba. MASP believes that by advocating for the qualifications and practices of school psychologists, we can help many more Manitobans become aware of the positive impact school psychologists have on school and student success.

MASP recognizes that member involvement is essential to help plan a communications approach which articulates the value of school psychology to various audiences. Consequently, the MASP Executive Board has directed the Issues Committee to strike a Working Group to advance this initiative.

The Issues Committee invites MASP members to participate on the Advocacy Working Group. Please contact Eric Alper to express your interest or request further information about the Advocacy Working Group.

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