Reimbursement for Member Reviews of School Psychology Items

MASP members are invited to receive reimbursement of up to $75 Canadian dollars to purchase a school psychology related item in exchange for a written review. Reviews can include books, apps, software, toys, games, or other items relevant to the practice of school psychology. Additionally, members may do a written summary of a Professional Development workshop or presentation that they have attended. The written review may be posted on the MASP website, and possibly included in the MASP PsynPost newsletter.

Submit your request to the Publications/Communications Chair using the form below. You will receive a response on the approval status of your item for review. Summaries of Professional Development workshops and presentations can be approved before you participate. The Publications/Communications Chair may limit the number of reviews per item or PD. If approved, submit a scan or picture of your receipt for reimbursement with your review.