MASP Psyn Post (yearly newsletter)

The Manitoba Association of School Psychologist's yearly newsletter is called the MASP Psyn Post. You must be a current paid member and logged-in to download the newsletter. In addition to the articles listed below, each issue will also have MASP committee reports. If you wish to submit an article to future Psyn Posts, click here.

2024 Psyn Post
In this issue:
- Committee Reports
- MASP at NASP 2024
- Getting to Know Your School Psychologist
- MASP Info & Classifieds
- Award of Excellence Info

2023 Psyn Post
In this issue:
- Committee Reports
- Psychologists Working in Schools Not Professionally
- A Letter from a School Psychologist to His Son
- NASP 2023
- Getting to Know Your School Psychologist
- MASP Info & Classifieds
- Award of Excellence Info
2022 Psyn Post
In this issue:
- Committee Reports
- Innovative Ways to Support Students in Reading
- University of Manitoba Practicum Program News: Northern Frontiers
- Get to Know Your School Psychologist Colleagues
- Book Review: Pairwise Comparisons; CBT for Children and Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders; Hey Warrior & Hey Awesome: A book for kids about anxiety
2021 Psyn Post
In this issue:
-Committee Reports
-WISCkey Jacks
-Book Review of ‘The Whatifs’ by Emily Kilgore
-Information about our upcoming PD by Dr. Kilpatrick
-Interview with a School Principal
-Updates on the First Nations School Psychology graduates
-What some Psychologists are doing to support schools during the pandemic
-MASP Classifieds
-Award of Excellence submission information
2020 Psyn Post
In this issue:
- Committee Reports
- College of Psychologists Update
- Book Review: Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, Stretch It, Shape It”
- Humour: “WISCkey Jacks
- Article: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Novel Study: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
- PD Review: School Psychology’s Support for Remove Northern Communities
- Upcoming: AGM and Free PD - April 30, 2020.
2019 Psyn Post
In this issue:
- Committee Reports
- Book Review: “How Full is your Bucket? For Kids”
- Opinion Piece: “Better Instruction for Struggling Readers in Manitoba”
- Opinion Piece: “How I Survived my First Year up North"
- ADOS PD Review
- NASP 2018 Conference Review
- Upcoming PDs
2018 Psyn Post
In this issue:
- President’s Report from Dawn Hanson
- Embracing Change: Thanks to Barry Mallin
- Using Technology at the Annual NASP Convention
- State-of-the-Art School Neuropsychology PD review
- A Book Reviews! “Awkward: The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome”
- And another book review! “Talk Like Ted”
- Committee Reports
2017 Psyn Post
- Indigenous Youth Mental Health
- Lord Selkirk School Division introduced a Behaviour Intervention Support Team
- Manitoba Education and Training Updates
- Visual Attention Resolution Precision and Efficiency as Predictors of Reading Ability: A Developmental Study
- PD Review: Neuropsychology of Learning Disabilities: Diagnosis & Intervention
- Think Small to Kick *** in 2017
- Mental Health Promotion Planning in LRSD
- Reading Disorder: Why Assessment Matters
- NASP 2016 New Orleans conference review
- MASP Award of Excellence form
cover2016 Psyn Post
- Updates from LRSD
- RETSD Mental Health Initiative Update
- PD Review: Working Memory: More than Digit Span & Letter Number Sequencing
- Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning Program and Student Services Branch Student Services Unit 2015 Summary
- Concussions: Psychologist's Role
- I Survived NASP 2015
- Thoughts on Retention Prevention
- MASP/PAM Meeting with Health and Education Ministers
- MASP Book/App/Tool Review Reimbursement Information
2015_cover2015 Psyn Post
- “Active Start” at Pembina Trails
- U of Manitoba’s School Psychology Thesis Program: The Three-Year Dream Stream
- MB Education Report
- Passwords: Is Your Personal Data Secure?
- PD Review: MASS Mental Health and Wellness Conference
- PD Review: Dr. Beth Doll- Building Resiliency in Schools
- PD Review: WISC-V, KTEA-3, Q-Global & Q-Interactive!
- The Process of Training School Psychologists as Knowledge Transfer Professionals
- Emotional Intelligence in Teens With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Cognitive Predictors of Children’s Emerging Mathematical Skills
- NASP 2014 Workshop Session: Introduction to the Woodcock-Johnson IV; Keynote 2014- Dr. Ross Greene; Tips for a Successful NASP Experience
2014-cover2014 Psyn Post
- MASP and PAM agreement update
- Share Your Resources
- RETSD Mental Health Initiative
- PTSD- It’s Not What Your Think
- Psychology Book Club
- PD review: Dr. Janine Montgomery: DSM-5 and Implications for School Psychologists
- PD Review: Dr. Jen Theule- Cross-Battery: Step-by-Step
- Manitoba Education Library
- What to do with Grade 3K
- Diagnostic Utility of the CLI Matrix
- MB Ed. & Advanced Learning
- Anti-Bullying Action Plan
2013-cover2013 Psyn Post
- MASP Award Of Excellence
- Continuing Education Update
- CPA Psychologists In Education Task Force
- MASP—PAM Agreement
- Dr. Dawn P. Flanagan - Research-based Approaches to Specific Learning Disability Identification and Intervention
- Dr. Samuel Ortiz- Psycho-educational Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
- Manitoba Student Services Unit Update
2010-cover2010 Psyn Post
- Introducing
- Professional Development Review- Improving Key Social Skills: Tools and Tactics for a Multi-Tiered Assessment to Intervention Program
- Continuing Education Report
- Submitting Continuing Professional Development Forms
- ME Document Updates
- Reaching Them All: The Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach
- MASP Award of Excellence
- Nomination Form for the MASP Award of Excellence
- St. Amant Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Program
- A Slice of NASP 2010
2009-cover2009 Psyn Post
- An Update From Manitoba Education
- Information From Asperger Manitoba
- Graffiti Drawings
- Violence In Video Games
- Book Review: Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Conduct Disorder at School by Tammy L. Hughes, Laura M. Crothers, and Shane R. Jimerson
- Book Review: Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents: A Practical Guide to Assessment and Intervention by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare
- NASP 2010 Convention
- Information On The MASP/School Psychology March 26, 2010 Workshop
- Reflections On Recent MASP/School Psychology Workshops
- The MASP Award Of Excellence

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