MASP PD Events

Over the past years the Manitoba Association of School Psychologists have hosted numerous professional development events with accomplished speakers. Click the link to view the presentation brochure or handouts.

Speaker Presentation Year
Dr. David Kilpartrick Reading assessment and intervention 2021
Michael Charron Telepractice Web Conference and Resources 2020
Dr. Todd Cunningham Psycho-educational Considerations in the Assessment of Indigenous Students 2019
Dr. Todd Cunningham Assistive Technology Tool Selection protocol 2019
Dr. Adam McCrimmon ADOS 2 Training 2018
Dr. Daniel Miller State-of-the-Art School Neuropsychology 2017
Steve Lawrie- Director of LRSD Student Services Student Services Initiative: An Opportunity for System Change
Dr. Steven Feifer Neuropsychology of Learning Disabilities: Diagnosis and Intervention 2016
Melissa Cait Working Smarter and Not Just Harder – A New Era of Report Writing 2016
Dr. Milton Dehn Assessment of Working Memory, Processing, Long Term Memory and the Interventions You Need to Address Them 2015
Dr. Rehman Abdulrehmen The Use of CBT in the Treatment of Anxiety 2015
Jeremy Clarke and Michael Charron Pearson Assessments presents the WISC-V, KTEA-3, Q-Global, and Q-Interactive 2014
Dr. Richard Kruk Reading Difficulty: Is it all Phonological? 2014
Dr. Janine Montgomery Review of DSM5 and implications for School Psychologists 2013
Dr. Jennifer Theule Cross Battery Assessment: Step-by-Step 2013
Dr. Samuel Ortiz Psycho-educational Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners 2012
Dr. Dawn P. Flanagan Research-based Approaches to Specific Learning Disability Identification & Intervention
Dr. Stephen Elliot The Social Skills Improvement System 2010
Dr. John Walker Effective Interventions for Childhood Anxiety 2010
Dr. Milton Dehn Working Memory and Academic Learning: Assessment and Intervention 2010
Dr. Kenneth Merrell Promoting Children’s Mental Health Through  Social and Emotional Learning and Effective Interventions for Internalizing Disorders. 2009
Dr. James Hale Application of Neuropsychological Principles and Practices with School-Aged Children 2008
Dr. Randy Kamphaus Assessing Emotional-Behavioural  Functioning of Children and Adolescents  Using the BASC-2 2007
Dr. Russell Barkley ADHD in Children & Adolescents: Nature, Diagnosis, and Management 2006
Dr. Julie Enyingi Psychopharmacological Treatment of Children and Adolescents 2006
Facilitator: Eric Alper The Development and Implementation of School-Based Protocols for Threat Assessment 2006
Dr. Steven Guy The Role of the BRIEF in Assessing Executive Functioning 2005
Allan Hawkins, Mark Robertson, Michelle Bahuaud The Revised Psychology Outcomes Program (POP) 2005
Dr. Amy Gabel Advanced Interpretation of the WISC-IV & WISC-IV Integrated 2005
Dr. George McCloskey The Role of Executive Functions in Learning and Behaviour: Strategies for Assessment and Intervention 2004