MPS PD: Innovations in Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Suicidal Risk

The Manitoba Psychological Association (MPS) is presenting Dr. David Jobes in Innovations in Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Suicidal Risk.

April 22, 2016, from 8 to 4 pm.

Synopsis: The field of clinical suicidology is growing exponentially with innovations in both assessments and treatments of suicidal states. While there are traditional approaches using clinical interviews and suicide risk assessment tools, there are also breakthroughs in indirect assessments and the use of technology to understand the activation of acute suicidal states. The literature on effective treatments for suicidal risk is remarkably limited but a handful of psychological treatments have replicated empirical support. There is an increased interest in brief interventions and care transition models that emphasize the notion of stepped care (i.e., different doses and intensities of suicide-specific care and different treatment settings). As we move toward the future of clinical suicide prevention there will be an increased focus on suicide-specific, evidence-based, least restrictive, and cost-effective care for suicidal patients across a range of clinical settings.

For more information and to register click here. If you are further interested in other PD occurring in Manitoba, check out our new PD calendar here.

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