The following researchers have requested MASP to assist in recruiting participants for their study. MASP has ensured these studies are related to students and education or wellbeing, and have been approved by a university ethics board. Listing of the study does not imply endorsement by MASP. All studies are listed historically, so ensure you look at the criteria for participation, including the dates.

  • Research Study Opportunity: Priorities in Early Behaviour Intervention Programs March 4, 2024
    Marijka Yaschyshyn, B.A. (Hons) student at the University of Manitoba is conducting a research study called: Priorities in Early Behaviour Intervention Programs under the supervision of Dr. Gabriel Schnerch. They are seeking Behaviour Analysts and School Psychologists to participate. The study aims to understand the priority behaviors in an early behavior intervention program for children ...
  • Research Study Opportunity: The Role of School Psychologists in Supporting Parentally Bereaved Children November 7, 2023
    Jasmeet Khatkar, MSc School and Applied Child Psychology student at the University of Calgary is conducting a research study called: “The Role of School Psychologists in Supporting Parentally Bereaved Children,” under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Drefs. They are exploring the perspectives and level of training school psychologists have in supporting parentally bereaved children in ...
  • Looking for Psychologists’ Experiences Regarding Work-Family Balance October 13, 2023
    Dear Psychologist or Psychologist-in-Training, The University of Manitoba is seeking to recruit Canadian psychologists and psychologists-in-training to participate in an online study looking at psychologists’ experiences regarding work-family balance. Study Description: The purpose of this study is to gain insight into the experiences and perceptions of Canadian psychologists and psychologists-in-training in terms of job satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, work flexibility, and work-family balance. We ...
  • Research Study Opportunity: Settler School Psychologists’ Perceptions of Decolonizing Practice April 13, 2022
    Mike White, Registered Psychologist in the province of Saskatchewan, is studying the experiences of settler school psychologists who work with Indigenous children and their families and how they are working through the ideas of reconciliation and decolonization.
  • Looking for Parent Perspectives of children with additional needs about Mental Health Service Utilization May 19, 2021
    MASP Member, Rachel Roy, is hoping to better understand the needs of parents and caregivers of children who require additional health, developmental, or behavioural supports for her master’s thesis. Specifically, she is interested in investigating barriers or pathways to mental health support use. Parents must have a child who is currently on the wait-list for ...
  • Looking for Parent Perspectives about ADHD Information and Treatment May 9, 2021
    MASP Member, Jennifer Ritter, for her doctoral thesis, is studying the perspectives of parents after their children have been diagnosed with ADHD. Please feel free to share this information with any families you may know who might be interested in participating.