The MASP Award of Excellence Plaque

MASP Award of Excellence

Dawn Hanson, President of MASP, presented the MASP Award of Excellence plaque to Keith Moen. Given current circumstances, such as COVID-19 restrictions, no in-person MASP AGM, and Keith working-from-home, it was a very different kind of “award ceremony” this year – a socially distanced hand-off of the beautiful silver and black plaque on Keith’s front lawn. Keith noted that "It would have been so nice to have had a chance to celebrate this in person with my colleagues and friends. So in lieu, I have written up a speech to express my thoughts. I hope it will offer you a few smiles or laughs, a couple of gasps, and perhaps some thoughts to chew on for our profession as School Psychologists" (Keith wishes for his speech to be only available to MASP members who have logged in. He'd also like to know your thoughts if you wish to comment). "Thank you MASP, for this honour,” says Keith."

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